Centre Volunteers

How Can I Help?


Volunteers form the backbone of the centre, they are essential in assisting in the day to day running of the centre

The role of the volunteer is interesting and varied, at times it is very busy, full of bustle, laughter and chat and then again it may be quiet, thoughtful, supporting and listening to those who call to the centre.

Can you open the door with a smile no matter what the weather is like, do you think you would feel comfortable listening to another person express their worries and concerns and of course it is really important that you know how to make really good tea and coffee.

We provide training to help equip you for this role, you become aware of how cancer can affect an individual or their family and your listening skills are improved. As for making tea and coffee I am sure that we cannot improve upon your own skills.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact

Phil Harford at 041 9805100 and we can arrange to meet and have a chat or email phil@gkcancersupport.com