Breast Care Nurse

The role of the breast care nurse is to provide information, education, and psychological support to patients, their families, and carers, at all stages of the cancer journey, from the time of initial diagnosis, through treatment, and beyond, to include rehabilitation care as part of the recovery process after treatment ends.
The breast care nurse is available to meet with you on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. To arrange an appointment please contact the centre on Tel: 041 9805100.

Support Groups and Workshops

The centre also provides the following support groups and workshops that are facilitated be the breast care nurse. If you would like to meet other women with a breast cancer diagnosis you are welcome to attend any of the following groups:

  • Breast Cancer Support Group (monthly)
  • The Young Women’s Breast Cancer Support Group (2 monthly)
  • The Secondary Breast Cancer Support Group ( 2 monthly)
  • New Beginnings – this is a six week program for women who have just completed treatment for breast cancer.
  • Menopause Course – this programme is for women who are experiencing the menopause or menopausal type symptoms as a result of their breast cancer treatment.